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Wash your problems away starting with your car at Vishwakarma Automobiles

When has washing not helped anybody? It keeps things neat and tidy, helps get rid of dry stains and debris, and generally gives an overall freshness. Even with your car, regular washing and cleaning give it a longer life, its efficiency will increase and a dirty car can portray your personality. Sometimes due to long term contamination of fabrics or ducts, the atmosphere inside the vehicle can be dangerous to your health. We at Vishwakarma Automobiles know the importance of a clean car, and it might just be your busy schedule that is coming in the way. Our team of experts provides the best car cleaning services Gurgaon at economical prices.


Our wash only package comes with a whole variety of step by step clean up, right from the bonnet to the trunk. The list below comprises of the services that are included in the package:

Washing – A wet cleaning process with a small inclusion of dry methods too, to get your car looking new. The washing services we provide are like no other car wash in Gurgaon.

Interior – With a mix of water and certain chemicals a thorough clean is given to every inch. The mats and other removable accessories are separately cleaned with proper methods. The roof and the floor of the car are washed and scrubbed to remove any grease or debris. Finally, the entire interior is dried off.

Exterior – A hose down of the complete body is done, then scrubbing and scrapping is done to remove stains and dried debris. A full body wash makes sure to remove all contaminants. The engine compartment and tyres are cleaned separately ensuring vital components are not disturbed. Mirrors and windows are cleaned with special tools and chemicals.

Water hose – Pressurized water is used on the interior and exterior to make sure the car radiates. Also, smaller pipes are used in corners and grooves to remove stains.


Yes, a car ac repair near me can fix my ac and a separate car cleaner can clean the car and another one can service it, but Vishwakarma Automobiles is a one-stop for all. We provide timely delivery, pick and drop facility, 24×7 support, and exceptional services. Here at Vishwakarma Automobiles, cars are our passion and we know the value of it. We are not going anywhere and also your car if you don’t service it regularly. Give us a ring and experience the service yourself.