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Best Car Detailing Services Near Kanhai Gaon, Gurgaon

Car Detailing Services at Vishwakarma Automobiles Kanhai Gaon ensure the best for their customers. With a team of professionally trained workers to fantastic customer support, we initiate to give an experience to the customer that they have never felt before. Our detailing studio PAN India believes in serving with utmost dedication and intelligent work that justifies us when we say, "Perfection is "in detail. Be it a simple car wash or the Paint Protection Film installation, our Gurgaon cartel is always there to help you.

Car Detailing Services near Kanhai Gaon, Gurgaon

Paint Protection Film - The modern-day automotive paint protection film by UltrashieldX is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film. PPF is applied on the top layer of the car's paint and bikes, which is either transparent or colored. The paint protection film keeps the vehicle youthful as it has self-healing properties that effectively repel accidental chips, scratches, scratch-causing stains, rocks, sand, and other impacts.

Ceramic Coating - Ceramic Coating is highly resistant to chemicals and has excellent UV resistance to prevent paint oxidation. They are also known as nano-coatings or glass coatings. It protects your vehicle along with outshining the car's body.

Car/Bike Detailing - Professional detailing is the art and technique of cleaning a vehicle and restoring it to its original condition. Auto-detailing services are much more accurate and labour-intensive than a car wash. In this process, your vehicle gets a complete makeover.

Ceramic Wash - A mixture of siloxanes that adheres to the car body, providing protection, flexibility (ability to bend), and excellent foaming and lubricity during cleaning. It fuses with your car's paint and forms an additional hydrophobic protective layer.

Steam Wash - Steam car wash is an eco-friendly process that uses steam to clean the inside and outside of the car. Steam cleaning is considered an environmentally friendly method that removes foul smells, bacteria, and germs from the car.

Maintenance Wash - Maintenance car wash is a very commonly used term in the detailing world. There are many ways to perform this process, but regular cleaning is the best choice. With this, your vehicle's life expectancy increases, whereas the car looks new and well-maintained.

Window Film - It has been verified to block up to 97% of infrared rays, so there is no need to get tensed about harmful solar radiation re-entering the vehicle. This new hybrid technology breaks the perception of fragile endotherms by fusing Nano-Ceramic materials with metalized coatings. It introduces a new product type that sets new standards for hybrid ceramic window films. UltrashieldX provides a clear view of the driver's line of sight as it is almost unaffected by fogging when installed.

Car Sanitization - Car sanitization is done through ozone treatment, where ozone (O3) gas is used to remove odors, bacteria, and viruses prevailing in the car. The smell is neutralized when the gas penetrates the car, and bacteria and viruses are killed.

So, if you are looking for car detailing services near Kanhai Gaon, Vishwakarma Automobiles is the best choice.