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Cleaning Your Car Can not get must Easier and Effective Than This

Every day when you take out your car, it goes through a lot of things, traffic jams, plot holes, pollution, dust, etc. Most of these things are sure to leave your car way dirtier than you would like it to be, especially in rainy seasons, and cleaning can be a hassle. That’s were Vishwakarma Automobiles comes in, our top-quality cleaning services package will keep your car daisy fresh and clean and 10 times better than any other car service center in Gurgaon.

The Services You Get:

Washing: Your vehicle gets an in-depth cleaning procedure inside as well as outside. Any fabrics and materials in the interior of the car are handled with specific attention, manual and automatic cleaning methods are used to bring out the freshness of the interior. Even with the exterior, we make sure to get into every nook and cranny and thoroughly clean out any dirt or debris. Only using the best quality of water and materials.

Dry Cleaning: Besides the wet cleaning process, our team of experts uses dry cleaning methods to give the car that extra sheen. Sometimes going back to the classic way of good hand-eye coordination can help in better results. Our trained professionals have eagle-eye precision and ensure that not even the tiniest speck remains. The best air hoses and fabrics are used in the process which is not present in most other Best car service in Gurgaon.

Rubbing Polish: While maintaining the cleaning process for your vehicle, no step is skipped out, we finish off the entire process with a rubbing polish. This is a key process to get that mirror-like gloss for your vehicle, we use top of the line polishing machines and rubbing compounds. Different types of polishing brushes are used for different areas to give a fine finish. Vishwakarma Automobiles provides the best car rubbing and polishing Gurgaon has to offer.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other places, our packages don’t cram in unnecessary processes and waste your time and money. We have carefully divided these into specific divisions and based on your need and requirement you have the freedom of choice. Each package is priced accordingly but besides that our core features of pick and drop coupled with 24×7 support, remain tethered to all of them. So what are you waiting for? Have a dirty car standing outside, give us a ring.