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Car repair in Gurgaon

Complete Car Repair in Gurgaon by Top Professional

Vishwakarma has the best experts who have years of sharp experience in car repair services, so don't worry about the quality of car repair services done by us. Also, Vishwakarma Automobiles provides all types of car repair services, like car cleaning, car repair service, car wash service, car rubbing and polishing, car dry cleaning, Car Dent painting, and many more, at a very affordable price and with top-quality work. Contact us at +91-9999275325 for detailed information about our services.

  • To be safe on the road, you need to be fit. But for your safety, your car needs to be fit. Therefore, it is very important to have a well-maintained vehicle.
  • To maintain your car’s safety, visit Vishwakarma Automobiles, a car repair in Gurgaon, to get the best repairing for your car.
  • The average time needed for a professional vehicle wash is only five to eight minutes. However, if you wash your car at home might take around forty-five to sixty minutes.
  • We also provide car repair service in DLF Phase-4 Gurgaon and here you will get the best Car Repair Service in Gurgaon

Types of car repair services provided by Vishwakarma automobiles:

Interim Car Repair

Interim car repair service is important every six months. This car repair service is specially designed to check all the components of your car. Interim car repair service gives your car nonstop performance and a smooth experience. Interim car repair service includes the types of services listed below:

  • Horns Check And Repair
  • Warning Lights Check And Repair
  • Washers Check And Repair
  • Windscreen Wipers Check And Repair
  • Brakes Check And Repair
  • Engine oil replaced
  • Suspension system Check And Repair
  • Tyres Check And Change
  • Coolant Check And Repair
  • Power Steering Check And Repair
  • Drive System Check
  • Exhaust Emission Check And Repair

Complete Car Repair

A complete car repair service is a very important need for every car after a year, This service is important for restoring your car's performance to its previous level. This car repair service includes all of the Interim car repair services, with additional services which contain services like:

  • Air Filters Change
  • Pollen Filters
  • Seat Belt Operation
  • Fuel System
  • Door Hinges And Locks
  • Security Tests
  • Inspection of Coolant And Radiator Pipes
  • Front and Rear Brakes

Major Car Repair

Major car repair has almost 50 checklists and is done after every 24 months. Every corner and part of your car is checked to make sure everything is working efficiently.

  • Car Cleaning Service
  • Car Denting Painting services
  • Car Dry Cleaning services
  • Car Repair Services
  • Car Wash Services
  • Security Tests
  • Car Rubbing And Polishing

Why Vishwakarma Automobiles Is The Best Option For You For Car Repair Service?

The best benefit of choosing us for your car repair service is that Vishwakarma Automobiles provides complete car repair services, so you do not need to go any other place for different types of services All of the car services you get here are provided by professionals with sharp experience, so you get only quality work. We also provide many exclusive offers, which give you huge benefits from car servicing.

Also, we have mentioned some additional benefits of choosing Vishwakarma Automobiles as your car repair service below

➨ Tips– At Vishwakarma Automobiles, you not only get the best services for your car but also get some best tips from our expert mechanics. The tips shared by them can be helpful to you in maintaining your car.

➨ Equipment- We have the most useful and intricate equipment to repair your cars. We don’t use regular tools but the best ones which can be handled only by professional mechanics.

➨ Training– Best training means quality work. Our mechanics are trained and provide you with the best car repair services. We try to keep our mechanics updated with the latest technology and techniques.

➨ Save money– At Vishwakarma Automobiles, we make sure to keep our prices less than any other car repair service-providing company. We want every person to get our quality services without spending much money.


At Vishwakarma Automobiles, we repair a variety of car brands like Honda, Suzuki, Maruti, Ford, Tata etc. and some big car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc, and we are the top car service centre in Gurgaon in terms of quality work.
Vishwakarma Automobiles provide the Car Repair Service near DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon. The services that are provided here are of a high professional standard and reliability. Our motto is “customer comfort”, and that is why we provide 24/7 service and a pickup and drop delivery system.