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Car Cleaning in Gurgaon

A car cleaning service is a method to clean and protect your car from front to back and from left to right by using different techniques to clean the vehicle. Vishwakarma Automobiles, car cleaning services in Gurgaon, provide you with facilities to clean your car using different equipment and the latest technology.

Car cleanliness is vital, and not simply for aesthetic reasons. A vehicle’s resale or trade-in value will be diminished if it is not maintained clean routinely. As per auto trade-in specialists like Kelley Blue Book, the value of vehicles in excellent mechanical and exterior condition can be up to $1,500 greater than those in fair or good condition.

What Are Steps Included in Car Cleaning?

Tires- Cleaning tires are the first and the most important step. Tires are the ones getting the most dirt. The poor quality of roads can also affect the quality of tires. At Vishwakarma Automobiles, we use jet sprays to clean the tires very easily and fast. We also check the quality of tires in the end.

Carpets– The carpets or mats of the car are very delicate. car repair in Gurgaon it with negligence can affect the quality of the mats. Vishwakarma Automobiles provide quality cleaning products to clean your car’s mats to ensure the quality of the mats.

Exterior cleaning– The exterior car cleaning is done using foam products. With the help of foam products, it becomes easy to clean all the dirt and mud from the car. We at Vishwakarma Automobiles ensure the use of quality foam-producing products. Our professionals use them delicately to prevent moisture from the delicate parts so that no damage is done.

Polishing– After the exterior cleaning of the car, polishing is done. Polishing provides a shine to your car. We also remove any scratches from your car using effective products.

Glass cleaning– Clear glass is very important so that your view remains clear. We ensure cleaning your car’s glass to make it look clean and shiny. We make sure your glass looks sparkling. We clean and polish the glass panes and windows using quality products that can prevent dust and dirt for a long period.

Why is Car Cleaning Important?

Cleaning your car once in a while is very important. Without proper cleaning, your car may look old. The benefits of car cleaning are:

Extend lifespan– Car cleaning removes all the dirt and dust from your car, which can prevent damage, thus making your car’s lifespan extended.

Appearance- The shine and sparkle of a new car are very different. But it may get fade in some time. Car cleaning Gugraon can bring back the sparkling appearance of your vehicle.

Extend re-sale value– If in future you want to re-sale your car and buy a new one, then car cleaning is very helpful. Car cleaning will give your vehicle the best look so you can quickly sell it at a good price.

Saves money– Regular car cleaning can save you money in the long run. It can prevent damage which may cost you a lot of money.


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